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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my pool turn green/brown after hard rain?

Answer: Many people experienced this during the heavy rains during spring of 2015. If you experience a brown pool after a hard rain, more than likely you had a run-off condition in your backyard. Basically it rained so hard that part of your yard or flowerbed washed a lot of dirt and debris into the pool. When this happen you must be patient and run your filter 24 hrs. a day till pool is clear. You may have to clean and/or backwash filter many times in just a few days. A green pool after a rain usually indicates a lot of dead organic matter that has been killed off by the chlorine and it just needs to be filtered out. Make sure to run your filter 24-48 hrs. straight and backwash and/or clean your filter. The pool should clear in just a couple of days.

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Why did my pool turn green/brown after hard rain?
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