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Answer: A common misconception is that too much chlorine causes red eyes and irritated skin. This is 100% false. That terrible chlorine odor and those red eyes are caused from chloramines. This is the combination of chlorine and ammonia in the water. Ammonia comes from two main sources, sweat and urine. The first: sweat becomes an issue   when there are many adults in the pool and there is lack of proper filtration. It’s also a good idea to shower first before getting into the pool, especially if you are hot and sweaty. Running the filter for 24-48 hrs straight can usually cure this. The next is usually a hard to swallow truth for some parents. The fact that their child urinated in the pool and ruined everyone’s swimming fun is not something they want to hear but its the truth and it does happen. Urine will combine with chlorine and cause the worst case of eye irritation and red skin. There are 2 main cures for this, shocking the pool hard with chlorine will help in burning out the chloramines and a free chemical on request from us called Borax. Please call or E-mail us regarding Borax and we will add it on our next scheduled visit.

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