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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Algaecide to my pool?

Answer: Algaecide is copper based, ammonia based or quat based. You will find algaecides in 2 different forms, liquid and granular. The granular type will usually be labeled as a chlorine enhancer but it is a type of algaecide. These chemicals do not work with our pure chlorine system and could cause major problems with your pool's chemistry. Our chlorination system is not compatible with any type of algaecide.

Please, do not add any type of algaecide to your pool. If we suspect that an algaecide has been added to your pool then we may have to terminate your service and you will need to find a different company for chemical service.

A lot of times the only way for us to continue your service is for you to drain your pool and refill it. Once algaecide has been added it can take 2-4 months for all the algaecide to dissipate.

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