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Pool Cleaning Tips

Backwashing Procedures

Backwashing Procedures for D.E. Filters

1. Clean out primer pot basket by motor (motor must be off)

2. Re-prime the system

3. Clean out skimmer baskets & make sure water level in pool is okay

4. Turn motor "off"

5. Engage the backwash valve (this varies depending on how the line is plumbed)

6. Make sure backwash line is "open" (varies depending on how the line is plumbed) or unroll backwash hose

7. Turn motor "on" (the water is now flowing in the opposite direction; i.e. (the D.E. is being forced off the filter grids)

8. Allow the filter to run until the water going through the waste line or backwash line clears up (usually 1-2 minutes)

9.Turn motor "off"

10. If system has a multi-port backwash valve (resembles a clock) move handle to the "rinse" position & turn motor "on" for 10-15 seconds then turn the motor "off" & continue to step # 11

11. Put backwash valve in "filter" position

12. Turn motor "on" for 15-20 seconds

13. Turn motor "off" & repeat steps #5 thru #12 (2 more times)

14. After the 3 backwash, leave the motor "on"

On all filters with multi-port valves, always turn the handle in one direction only **If you start turning it to the right continue right, if left continue left. Never go in the opposite direction of how you started.